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Baby Names Inspired By Fictional Characters

Choosing a baby name is one of the most exciting and arduous things you will have to do as a new parent. And although we’re sure you’ve been curating a list for months or maybe years, sometimes you look at your baby and your dream name just doesn’t fit. Don’t worry, it happens to the best of us! And just like always, it’s best to turn to our favorite characters for inspiration. These characters could be from popular books turned on-screen movies, old classic literature, famous 21st century book series or an Epic. Whatever your tastes may be, there are definitely some characters that have a special place in our hearts just like our babies do. So, why not name your baby after them? Being inspired by fictional characters is one way to find the perfect name for your dear baby. So, here’s a list of special beloved characters you can choose from. Read on to know them all!

Baby Names Inspired By Books

1. Elizabeth Or Darcy

Let’s be honest, if you’re someone who’s obsessed with the classics, this is a no brainer for you. Opting for the two most beloved characters from Jane Austen’s most famous novel is the obvious choice to make. Because you can’t help but adore these characters. Elizabeth is a name that has been the name of queens and has had a rich history. But in the story, it is the name that belongs to the most independent and charming sister. Whereas, Mr. Darcy is brooding, handsome and generous. These kind and captivating characters might just be a great match for your little ones if you love a good old romantic novel.

2. Daisy And Jordan

If you’re more of an Art Nouveau type that’s been obsessed with the 1920’s, then chances are you’ve already read The Great Gatsby. It is probably one of the most prominent and well known American novels to have ever been written. The object of the protagonist, Gatsby’s affection is Daisy. A gorgeous woman with a stunning name. This name has an old timey air to it without it feeling too outdated. The sweet sounding name is a great juxtaposition to the character’s contradictory and complicated nature. Her best friend and cousin Jordan is an aspiring writer and the narrator of the story. He is, for the most part, a sweet well meaning bystander. This is also a great gender neutral name to add to your baby name list.

Baby Names Inspired By Movies

1. Tiana And Naveen

If you’d rather pick a name from the silver screen and are obsessed with Disney princesses and princes, then Tiana and Naveen are an underrated choice that may do just the trick. Not only is Tiana hardworking and inspired, she is kind and adapts to situations easily. Naveen is a charmer who learns how to be compassionate and put the needs of others first. So, would these be the perfect names for your baby?

2. Elle And Emmett

Let’s be honest, Legally Blonde isn’t just a chick flick, it’s a beautiful story about overcoming prejudice and obstacles. The inspirational protagonist Elle, is more than a pretty face and proves that beauty and brains never goes out of style. And the loving Emette is every bit as sharp, intelligent and kind. He has the ability to see someone’s core and treat them with respect. We love the sound of these two earnest characters.

Baby Names Inspired By TV Shows

1. Wednesday Or Edith

The show Wednesday has taken the world by storm and has given us our new favorite best friend duo. Edith is vivacious, bubbly, extroverted and sweet. Whereas Wednesday is reserved, introverted but still deeply cares about her friends and family. She’s just more of a doer than a shower. So, if you’re expecting twins or just looking for a quirky name, consider this one of a kind pair.

2. The Bridgerton Kids

We can’t leave out one of the most famous families in the fictional TV world. The Bridgerton family is known for their beautiful children, all named in alphabetical order. And what beautiful names they are. Anthony, Benedict, Colin, Daphne, Eloise, Francesca, Gregory and Hyacinth. No one would fault you for choosing such beautiful sweet sounding names for your sweet baby.

3. Arya And Sansa

Another sisterly bond that is captivating to watch was that of Arya and Sansa Stark in the extremely popular show Game Of Thrones. These two unique names are given to equally unique characters, both strong and formidable in their own ways. But they also deeply cherish their familial bond and learn to trust one another.

Picking out a name for your little one does not have to be a tiring laborious process. Sometimes all you need is to get inspired by your favorite characters that have inspired you throughout your life.

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